About Us
Theater to Go was founded in 1992 as R&R Productions. Our inaugural production was Murder on the Campaign Trail which we performed on an antique steam train in New Jersey. Since then we have entertained thousands of people and have traveled across the country to perform for corporations, conventions, fundraisers and in public and private venues.
As New Jersey's premier, full service theatrical production company, Theater to Go, is known for Murder Mysteries and Interactive Comedy Theater. Our productions rely heavily on improvisation and audience participation, which allow us to customize our shows to fit the particular needs of our clients. Our audiences become integrated into the show and this means that we can adjust to the needs of our audience to include them in the story. All our murder mysteries are presented with a humorous slant as you meet our cast of characters, get entangled in a web of intrigue and lies and become involved in a murder investigation where you, the audience, are asked to help solve the crime. Of course the ones who help us the most are rewarded. All of our productions are easily adaptable to any environment, including restaurants, hotels, picnics, parties or private homes.



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