Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you travel to our venue?
A: Yes, we will travel anywhere, however more than 2 1/2 hrs travel time from our home base in Lawrenceville, NJ (Central NJ) will require an additional travel fee and possibly overnight accommodations.

Q: What are the space and setup requirements?
A: We can perform in virtually any venue. We generally do not require a large playing area, but we like the tables set up in a such a way so that we can be seen by everyone and have easy access to walk between the tables.

Q: Can you work in an auditorium, with theater seating?
A: Our interactive shows require table seating of 6- 12 people . This allows for maximum interaction with the audience, so that they can feel involved in the action. Our traditional theatrical productions can be performed on a stage with the audience in theater seats with no maximum audience size.

Q: Do we have to provide anything (prizes, mikes, etc?)
A: No We are completely self contained. We bring a sound system, props, and prizes.

Q: Is there anything else we have to provide?
A: If you are serving a meal we ask that you provide meals for the cast

Q: How many actors in a show?
A: Between 5- 8 depending on the show.

Q: Do we have to serve dinner?
A: No, a meal is not required. As long as people are sitting around tables, the refreshments can be hors d'oeuvres, or dessert, etc.

Q: If we have a meal, does it have to be plated and served?
A: No. we can work with a buffet

Q: Do you perform for fundraisers?
A: Yes. We have found that interactive theater is often a good draw to bring people to the fundraising event. Beyond that, the amount of money raised is dependent of n the enthusiasm of the committed to piggy back a silent auction, raffle, 50-50 drawing etc

Q: How large a crown can you entertain?
A: We have performed for parties as small as 12 and as large as 300.

Q: We are a company looking for a team building activity. Do murder mysteries work well as team building events?
A: Absolutely. Many of our shows require team work to solve the crime and to participate in the many audience participation activities built into the program. The are great vehicles to help staff get to know each other and to feel more at ease in a business setting.

Q: Do we get parts?
A: Not unless the show calls for volunteers. No one is ever put on the spot, and people can participate to their comfort level.

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