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As New Jersey's premier, full service theatrical production company, Theater to Go, is known for Murder Mysteries and Interactive Comedy Theater.
Our productions rely heavily on improvisation and audience participation, which allow us to customize our shows to fit the particular needs of our clients. All our murder mysteries are presented with a humorous slant as you meet our cast of characters, get entangled in a web of intrigue and lies and become involved in a murder investigation where you, the audience, are asked to help solve the crime. Of course the ones who help us the most are rewarded.
All of our productions are easily adaptable to any environment, including restaurants, hotels, picnics, parties or private homes.
Murder Mysteries
We have a variety of themes to choose from. Click on title for a larger description.
I DO, I DIE—Wedding Murder Mystery

You are invited to the wedding reception of the year!

Robin and Red Mallard give their daughter Sparrow(of the popular singing duo, The Two Little Nestlings) in marriage to tea magnate EF Downs. EF's former wife Daphne and their son IJ are also there although IJ as not gotten over the strange disappearance of his love, Thrush Mallard (Sparrow's sister) who ran off with a mysterious stranger. Everyone is having a wonderful time until someone gets killed. Who did it and why?

Join us and help the detective find the killer who spoiled the wedding!

MURDER ON THE AIR—1930's Radio Show Murder Mystery

It's the 1930's and radio reigns!

The management of WRRP radio is hosting a special broadcast of their top rated radio drama "Death By Murder" to support the "Make A Knish Foundation" charity. It is one of several remote broadcasts and the murdercast takes place in the Crystal Room high atop the Stonefellow Building with a guest list containing the creme de la creme of high society. When the murder turns real, everybody's attention turns to solving the crime (and saving their jobs!) without jeopardizing the success of the broadcast.

ALOHA MEANS GOODBYE ... FOREVER—Hawaiian Murder Mystery

In our Hawaiian murder mystery ALOHA MEANS GOODBYE ... FOREVER the audience are all "extras" the the Hawaiian filming of the new TV Series "Aloha Blue" which is being directed by the great Rhonda Howard.

You will meet the famous Hugh Hefty and the starlet Melanie Maybe as well as Mai Tai Mary, Don Ho Hum, and Leilani Goldstien--hula dancer extraordinaire. This show is a play within a play, as the pilot episode is filmed using extras from the audience. Someone dies in the TV pilot but also within the acting company. Find out who dunnit!


You will be there when Francis Keye throws his hat into the political ring announcing his candidacy for president of the United States ( or for whatever is currently campaigning!) Sidney Locke, the campaign manager; Susan Fits, Mr. Keye's lovely fiancee; Jimmy Iffa, the campaign treasurer; and running mate Tammy Hees are all there with him. Entertainment provided by the famous Bobbi Yerman.

But is someone sabotaging Keye's campaign? Help us discover why.

A MURDER IN GOLDRUST—Western Murder Mystery

How the West got wild.

Join us at Goldie Barr's place, the Barr None Saloon in the days of the old prospectors. Zink Miner has just struck it rich and has called all the townsfolk to the saloon for a major announcement. All the familiar western characters will be there, including Silverado the gambler, the new school marm Graya Slate, banker Nicholas Teller and Platinum the saloon siren, to hear what Zink has to say. But someone meets with foul play and all the townsfolk will have to help Sheriff Copper Potts bring law & order to the town of Goldrust.

MURDER BY MOONLIGHT—Halloween Murder Mystery

In our Halloween murder mystery MURDER BY MOONLIGHT the world famous millionaire Sunny Dial is hosting his annual costume party on his private island. He is an eccentric with a love of the occult and expects everyone to be in costume for his big bash. It is his custom to invite a special "Guest of Dishonor," who's identity is unknown until the big announcement at Midnight. This year he believes he has outdone himself. But he discovers too late that his guest likes it's privacy and is killed before he can give out the identity. It is up to Chad Neverest, Paranormal Investigator and part time werewolf, to find the killer before sunrise. Could it be Crystal Swatch, the famous "B" movie queen or her sister, best selling novelist Cadence Tempo? How about Hunter Quartz the explorer or psychic Metra Knome? Sort through the clues and watch your neck!


The Mob...and murder?

Nolo Contendo the "Capo" of the Contendo Crime Family, calls a meeting of the organization to make an important announcement. All the big mob families are there: The Bonanas, The Bambinos, The Parcheses, The Pottis. What does he have to say to them? Vinny Da Pooh, his Consiglieri, will make sure that order is maintained while his children, Nintendo and DiNotta try to stay on his good side. His loyal wife Bimbo will support him no matter what. This show is full of surprises--and even has a séance! Join us as we unravel the goings on of this powerful New York mob family, and enjoy some laughs along the way.

MURDER BY PROXY—Corporate Murder Mystery

Big business can mean murder!

It is the Annual shareholders meeting of a young, rapidly growing company called THE MOVEABLE FEAST, a chain of gourmet drive thru restaurants. At the annual meeting, it turns out that not all the goings on are exactly Kosher! Someone dies and everyone is a suspect! Was it the Mob? Was it the betrayed wife? Or was it you?

Movie Sing alongs
SIng along and have fun with your favorite classic movie musicals in a way only Theater To Go can deliver!
We The Jury
A unique courtroom whodunnit where the audience plays the jury and decides the fate of our suspects!
Holy Acrimony! Our Comedy Wedding Show
The wedding story of Dawn and PJ may not have a murder but you might just die laughing!
Funny Business Investigators (F.B.I.) Specialty Events
Comedy Arrests, F.B.I. Reports, Walk-around Costumed Characters and a lot more!
Full Drama Production
We can produce a full traditional drama, comedy or musical. From Shakespeare to Neil Simon to new productions, Theater To Go has the experience to guide you through the entire process.
All Avenues of Event Entertainment
Stand Up Comics, Event Hosts & MC's, Clowns, Slit Walkers, Face Painters, DJ's, even a Flamenco Dancer!


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